Ainslea Esplana Dance Writer Virtual Awards

Dance Writer Virtual Awards: Ainslea Esplana

June 29, 2020

Ainslea Esplana has won Best Emerging Dancer in the Contemporary and Lyrical category at the 2020 Dance Writer Virtual Awards last month. 

Aimslea Esplana’s submission to the Dance Writer Virtual Awards was breathtaking with her technical execution and stunning emotive storytelling in the contemporary style. She received an almost perfect score for technique. 

Ainslea Esplana Dance Writer Virtual Awards

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Ainslea dances at Projection Dance School under the direction of Tim Podesta five days a week, six hours a day. Her preferred dance style is ballet but loves contemporary for the emotional and physical release it gives her. 

“My preferred genre of dance I ballet and I train almost full time in this genre, so contemporary is a great release for me.  I can express myself in ways that classical ballet does not allow me to,” explained Miss Esplana. 

In ballet, Ainslea has danced in shows with some of the most world renowned classical artists including Mara Galeazzi (Former Principal of Royal Ballet), Marlon Dino, Sebastian Vinet, Kristy Denovan, Katherine Barkman (Principal at Washington Ballet), Mark Sumaylo, Abigail Oliveiro and current principals of Ballet Manila. 

“In the future I see myself dancing in a Ballet company overseas, and eventually being a principal artist,” said Miss Esplana.

Ainslea Esplana classical Dance Writer Virtual Awards

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Ainslea has faced insecurities about her height and physical appearance despite her young age. She says that no matter your doubts, you can always play to your strengths and get to where you want to be. 

“I am a tiny dancer but I have learned that there is a place for everyone and if I am good enough at my craft, I can accomplish the same as any taller dancer,” she said. 

“I have to be reminded to not doubt myself because I have my own strengths and weaknesses. It has stuck with me because I am not usually confident in myself, but this mentality has helped me a lot,” she added. 

To see more of Ainslea Esplana’s journey, follow her on Instagram: @ainslea_esplana_tiny_dancer @ainsleaesplana 

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