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Ministry of Dance simulating the future

June 30, 2020

Ministry of Dance has stepped up against its full time competitors by uniting some of their best alumni in one dance video produced by renowned Australian photographer and videographer, Sean Higgins. 

‘The Simulator’ features Ministry of Dance’s iconic dancers headlined by Boss Dance Company ringleader Jordan Charles Herbert. The video features a lot of electric commercial choreography while the videography blends dance with holograms.

We represent the vast majority of these phenomenal people through our Agency Ministry of Entertainment. As soon as we’re allowed to dance again, to create again, we’ll be better than ever. We needed this piece to showcase that. Who better to execute, on both fronts, than Sean!” said CEO of the Ministry brand, Jason Coleman. 

Sean Higgins, also known by his brand name Shotography, is quickly forging a reputation as one of the finest dance photographers and videographers in Australia. He spent years working with Ministry talent to build up his portfolio. 

“Ministry of Dance was the very hub I managed to build all my early networks and connections from as an aspiring photographer almost a decade ago. I can’t help but see this piece as a simulated journey through the many different, incredible worlds I have visited throughout my career in the dance industry. I had an amazing time creating this piece with Jason,” said Sean Higgins. 

His vision for this piece was to create a vivid montage of visually striking dance sequences combined with Ministry’s breathtaking styling and production warehouse.  

“We wanted to show the next generation of dancers what is possible when they train with Ministry.” said Jason Coleman. 



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