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Author: Jessica Poulter

Dancers from prestigious ballet companies, designer garments, exquisite lighting and state-of-the-art filmmaking technology combine in a work-of-art that showcases the extreme athleticism and sublime beauty in dance as never before.

2019 Melbourne International Arts Festival is in full swing and we have the ultimate dance guide for you. Below are the top five dance productions that every dance enthusiast must see, including works by high-profile Australian choreographers Stephanie Lake and Lucy Guerin.

Dance Writer speaks to choreographer and performer Ashley Dougan about Seeing Red, an exploration of the presence and manifestation of anger in the youth of today. Intertwined with a creative score by composers Rachel Lewindon and Samuel Kreusler, Dougan's new work effectively derives its movement vocabulary from scores created around the psychology of anger, placed in a radial arrangement.

A global success story, Come From Away opened to rave reviews on Broadway in 2017. Since then, its record-breaking triumph has continued with a second production in Toronto, followed by a third in North America. Excitingly, the recent West End production won four Olivier Awards after being nominated in nine categories.