Dance Writer Virtual Awards Izzy Moschini

Dance Writer Virtual Awards: Izzy Moschini

June 23, 2020

Melbourne-based dancer Izzy Moschini has won Best Emerging Dancer (Hip Hop) at the Dance Writer Virtual Awards last month. 

The Dance Writer Virtual Awards recognised creativity and talent from the hundreds of video submissions sent in by dancers who performed in their own homes due to COVID-19. Izzy Moschini was a clear winner in the hip hop section for her personality and groove technique, despite being up against dancers nearly twice her age. 

12-year-old Izzy Moschini is best known for her hip hop dance skills. She trains at Helen Curwood Dance Centre and participates in Pantheon Dance Crew. This year, she was chosen as dance captain at Pantheon. 

“To be a leader at 12-years-old is a great achievement. It is about working hard together, supporting each other, even when the routine may not go to plan. It is about learning and growth,” said Miss Moschini.

Izzy has a big dream to become a renowned dance teacher and choreographer in the hip hop style, working alongside artists such as JLo, Justin Bieber and Beyonce while also creating her own work.

“In 10 years, I hope to be studying all hip hop styles, perfecting my craft and ready to take on the world. I would love to be teaching hip hop to a crew of my own,” Miss Moschini smiled. 

Izzy loves to dance on stage because she gets an adrenalin rush before she begins her routine. 

“There is always nervous energy before I perform but when the music starts I feel like I transform into a different person. I feel invincible and powerful,” she said.

Izzy Moschini. Photo credit: Stagelit Studios.

For Izzy, she has been blessed to have fantastic mentors who have inspired and guided her through her dance journey. Her idols include Helen Curwood, choreographer Phil Haddad and Pantheon Dance Crew directors Michael Vesetas and Rose Cosmano. 

“Michael and Rose instil the importance of working in a team and having great leadership skills. I have the amazing Phil Haddad whom I am lucky enough to have choreograph my routines. Last but not least, Helen inspires me to reach for the stars. She reminds me about the importance of being grounded and to grow as a dancer as much as an individual,” she said.

“I owe everything to Helen who introduced me to Phil and got me started on my hip hop journey,” added Miss Moschini. 

Follow Izzy on Instagram: @izzy_t_dancer

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