Dance Writer Virtual Awards: Sharni Rangitonga

July 20, 2020

Sharni Rangitonga, 14, has won the category of Best Emerging Choreographer at the 2020 Dance Writer Virtual Awards. 

Sharni Rangitonga submitted a lyrical contemporary routine to the Dance Writer Virtual Awards with extraordinary detail to choreographic intention and musicality. More than that, she is an exquisite dancer in her own right, both as a contemporary dancer and in the more commercial styles. 

Sharni Rangitonga

Image by @mishmackay.

As a lover of dance choreography, Sharni has pursued her passion in the styles of lyrical and contemporary and has immersed herself in almost every extension program Melbourne has to offer, including Transit Dance Academy, Scimm Platforms Youth Company, Indefinite Dance Company and LOcREaDO Dance Program.

“Choreography is something since I did in my first ever company and I found so interesting. My love of choreography came from improvisation. Improvisation is something I cherish so much and it has been a natural part of me since I can remember,” said Miss Rangitonga. 

Sharni’s number one goal is to become a professional choreographer and to create her own dance company when she is older, like her mentors Casey Chellew, Paul Malek, Loredo Malcolm, Scott Pokorny and Tim Barnes. 

“Choreography is one-hundred percent what I want to do when I am older and I hope I can make a career out of it,” she said. 

Sharni admitted that dance is her way of feeling happy when she is facing any kind of adversity in her personal life. She has dealt with challenges that have impacted her mentality, however, dance has acted as her safe haven to be creative and express herself in ways not yet discovered. 

“Dance is my therapy and always has been. I would not be happy without it. Finding new genres of music to dance to is what really inspires me to grow as a dancer and choreographer,” Miss Rangitonga explained. 

Follow Sharni Rangitonga’s journey on Instagram @sharnirangitonga. Images by @mishmackay

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