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The Boss Generation gives Gen-Z a turn to be alpha

August 27, 2019

The rising Melbourne-based commercial group Boss Dance Company, led by alpha boss Jordan Charles Herbert, has expanded by launching a youth platform called ‘The Boss Generation’.  Only a month after auditions, Boss Generation performed its inaugural production ‘TOY’. 

‘The Boss Generation’ is a fresh new commercial youth dance company for performers aged 13-18-years-old. With 31 budding hip hop and contemporary dancers awaiting the stage at Gasworks Arts Park in Melbourne, the audience enters the theatre to a backdrop of the Boss Dance Company logo, shining proud. 

The audience is introduced to the toy characters as the company dancers strutted fearlessly on to the stage. Immediately, you are drawn in as the spotlight lands on different performers who represent the various ‘TOYS’ that are later showcased in this dynamite production.

the boss generation hip hop choreography

The Boss Generation in TOY. Photo credit: Pride Productions.

The toys characters include Balloons, Dominoes, Power Puff Girls, Cars, Magnets, Telephone, Monkeys in a Barrel, Kim Possible, Crayons, Puppets, Barbies, Rag Doll, Ouija Board, Chess, Teddy Bear, Jenga, Bratz, Slime, Basketballs, Princess Heels, Magic 8 Ball, Buzz Light Year, Toy Soldiers, Kaleidoscope and Transformers.

Spectators do not need to visualise the talent that the next generation of dancers will behold as they already possess outstanding stamina and potential. Each dancer contributes to a truly hypnotic display of mixed genres such as commercial, hip hop, contemporary and lyrical.  Even though the concept of the story is very child-centred, the movements show a great maturity and professional flair that surpass any standard teenaged dancer. 

the boss generation hip hop

The Boss Generation. Photo credit: Pride Productions.

Reminiscent to the layout of the Boss Dance Company, director Jordan Charles Herbert incorporates multimedia to magnify the show’s illusion. The blend of contemporary and signature commercial choreography create a dynamic flavour of energy for all spectators with its fast-paced movements and routines. 

This debut of Boss Generation Dance Company is truly electrifying from its lighting to choreography, with a particular focus on sass and attitude. It is pure entertainment that the whole family can enjoy. 

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