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‘Music Box’ by Masters of Choreography

November 4, 2019

From the makers of Raise The Barre and Beats On Pointe, Masters of Choreography’s new hit dance production, Music Box, famously blends modern ballet movements with commercial flavour. 

Directors Milo and Jennifer Masters bring another exceptional show, featuring a small cast of Australia’s most elite dancers. Music Box is an explosion of energy and entertainment, illustrating story after story inside one little music box.  The stage is set with a three-dimensional cube structure made out of rods with LED lights, which seems to lack sturdiness, but when dancers throw themselves onto the box, the audience is amazed at the quality of choreography one structure can inspire.

Music Box. Photo by Lloyd King from Black Vanilla Photography.

Dancers exhibit style diversity as they perform flamenco-inspired themes, pointe work, break dance and even aerialist acts. Certainly the show-stopping moment is where a male dancer propels himself from the top of the music box and spins upside-down while contorting himself into hyper flexible positions with absolute confidence. The mix of modern instrumental music and subtle-yet-beautiful costuming allows for dance pieces to transition smoothly from one theme to the next.

Music Box opens to a charismatic comedy-relief pair who narrates the show. After each routine, the duo mimes a clumsy yet hilarious skit that foreshadows the style of the next performance.  Even though there is no voiced dialogue, the storyline is effectively communicated and is entertaining for both children and adults. Kids can be heard in the crowd, crying of laughter at the two performers, who interact with one another fluidly, while also gasping at the many moments of awe-inspiring choreography and acrobatics.

Cast member Kealy Fouracre. Photo by Lloyd King from Black Vanilla Photography.

Masters of Choreography proves that a stage can be simply set while peppered with a small cast of dancers and still bring a dynamic and energetic demonstration of athleticism, grace and exhilaration. A must-see show that will delight both dance enthusiasts and families alike. 

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