Cassandra Thorburn and Marco De Angelis Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars: Marco De Angelis and Cassandra Thorburn

March 29, 2019

Dancing With The Stars has been an emotional roller coaster for recently eliminated dance couple Marco De Angelis and author Cassandra Thorburn after she revealed her motivation for joining the television show was her father’s passing and the words he told her.

Cassandra Thorburn’s father passed in 2018 before Dancing With The Stars began production and it was one of the last topics of conversation between them. Hesitant and scared about leaping onto the dance floor, Cassandra’s father convinced her to never regret anything. Marco’s father also died when he was very young and felt empathy for Cassandra. He said he felt very blessed to be part of her journey,  by her admitting to him that she would dance proudly for her father. 

She opened up to me and said her father told her ‘not to regret anything in life’. So, that is why for me, it was a big responsibility being her dance partner because I wanted her to enjoy the experience,” said Marco. 

Working with  Cassandra Thorburn, who is Karl Stefanovic’s ex-wife,  was exciting and new for Marco, but also playing the role of teacher came with its challenges. 

We spent a lot of time together so sure there are ups and downs; we are human it is normal. I have to remember she is a beginner,” he told Dance Writer. 

We would have lunch break together and talk about everything else but dance. When we come back to the studio, the atmosphere between us was completely different. So every day was a new discovery about her,” he added.  

The first thing I told her is that the most important thing in dance is the acting…you have to create an atmosphere. This for me was the main goal from day one.”

Italian-born Marco was raised by a family of dancers with both his parents and his brother pursuing professional dance careers. He was immersed in the dance world, watching his brother compete regularly. It was only a few months after Marco started dancing that he was thrown in competitions and catapulting to the top. 

Marco De Angelis Dancing With The Stars

My brother is a great dancer, better than me. He was also my teacher for a long time,” he smiled. 

Marco left Italy to be part of the company show Burn The Floor, travelling to Japan, Australia, China, UK and many more hot spots around the world. 

I sadly left my home—I love my home country—but I wanted to pursue my dream with Burn The Floor, so I could express myself, earn money and travel the world.” 

Part of Marco’s televised experience that he certainly was not prepared for on Dancing With The Stars was being labelled a sex icon among young females in particular. 

First time I saw this on the internet I was bit embarrassed, it is not my goal…it is not my intention to be a sex symbol, I am just a dancer. But at the same time I felt happy,” he laughed.



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