Dancing With The Stars: Jeremy Garner and Denise Scott

March 28, 2019

Denise Scott and Jeremy Garner’s partnership may be over in Dancing With The Stars, but their legacy in the competition will leave a mark for many years to come.

Comedian Denise Scott, 63, danced upbeat routines and performed with such courage, yet she hid a world of pain underneath her smiling facade. Both ‘Scotty’ and her partner John were hesitant for her to step onto the dance floor, but she hoped that this opportunity was the perfect catalyst to get her body moving and battle the arthritis that plagues her.

 “I think she preferred the Viennese Waltz,” dance partner Jeremy Garner told Dance Writer.

“She struggled with the Latin, especially with the arthritis. I found out later that she was constantly in pain. Viennese was more gentle on her.”

As Scotty’s dance partner, Jeremy’s role was not only to teach the steps and develop their cardiovascular fitness, but to monitor her every move.

“If she was tired, I knew I was going to lose her, and we would go backwards. I was monitoring her constantly and looking for the signs,” Jeremy said.

“She said she has a lot less pain since she started dancing! Dancing is probably the best thing for her,” he added.

As a dance studio owner, teacher, husband and father, Jeremy seemed to be the perfect match for Scotty. He claims running a dance studio requires psychology to understand the different ways that people learn steps and choreography.

Jeremy Garner Dancing With The Stars, Network 10.

“I am dealing with young, highly-ranked couples and what dance brings out of them is both good and bad, naturally…it is a bit of a psych degree but when I pass information on I hope that they do it better than me,” Jeremy explained.

During Jeremy’s successful career, he has toured with ballroom dance company Burn The Floor to places including West End and Broadway.

“We have fallen from one thing to the next. We are lucky because many dancers don’t make it, but I do have respect for those who do try. And we [my wife] are lucky to do it together.”

It seems dancing runs in the family. Back in 2006, Jeremy’s sister, Amanda Garner, won Dancing With The Stars when partnered with Grant Denyer. Jeremy, a Shepparton boy, said his mother forced him to attend dance lessons when he was younger, as opposed to playing AFL, the sport all his friends enjoyed.

“I’ve stumbled into everything. My mum forced me to do dance because she wanted her son to do ballroom. Everyone did football, so it was a bit different for me to do dancing,” Jeremy admitted.

Dancing With The Stars has had a strong impact on Jeremy, particularly as he watched Denise go from strength to strength both physically and mentally.

“She did a great job, I’m proud of Denise. I could see that dark side in her like many comedians have…for the most part she just made me laugh,” he said.

Denise used her role on the television show to raise money for Dementia Australia. She has experienced the difficulties first hand when caring for her mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

“We are definitely talking about other things we can do to raise money for Dementia Australia too,” Jeremy said.


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