‘Dance Matters’ podcast providing hope for a forgotten industry

November 22, 2021

As COVID-19 halted many performances and contracts for more than 18 months around the world, a new podcast is casting a spotlight on the movers and shakers of the overlooked industry. 

Dance Matters Podcast, co-hosted by school teacher and mum Kali Herb along with her dancing daughter Charlie, is a celebration of all things related to dance and the performing arts. Its aim is to inspire, motivate and educate listeners by delivering a range of interviews with choreographers, dancers, coaches and directors. 

“We wanted to be a positive voice in the community, bringing people from all areas of dance together,” said mum and host, Kali. 

The podcast guests feature renowned creatives including Kelly Abbey, Marko Panzic, Paris Cavanagh, Amy Wright, Sophie Holloway, Briar Nolet, Matt Lee, Peter Oxford, Rebecca Davies, Kate Wormold, Lauren Kate Seymour, Katie Sanchez, Kaylie Yee, Lockhart Brownlie, Jeff Dimitriou and Simeon Qsyea.

Dance Matters Podcast has had more than 50,000 unique downloads and is now in its second season. With more than 100 episodes created by the mother-daughter duo, the podcast attracts both young dancers and adult listeners who are engaged in the dance community.

“We value the human story behind every guest and endeavour to discover not only their achievements but also the challenges they have faced along the way that has made them the person they are today.”

“It takes a lot of hours, commitment and effort to create the podcast but if we can affect just one person, inspire or motivate anyone, then it makes it all worthwhile.”

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