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Boss Dance Company’s ‘Bound’ is spell-binding

November 24, 2019

Exhibiting visionary lighting while oozing sensual tones in a party-like atmosphere, Boss Dance Company is celebrating its five-year anniversary with its new work, Bound.

The foyer is filled with admiring dancers. As they file into the theatre, chatter grows and phones come out of pockets to capture the awe-inspiring vibe that is Boss Dance Company. 

Our attention is immediately caught by the use of white material, to symbolise the bound nature of society, causing chain reactions on those tangled by its throws. This material returns in a later routine where dancers melt into contemporary formations while being interconnected by the material strapped to their waists. Lead contemporary dancer Indigo Hunt is a notable stand-out performer as she dazzles audiences with her flexibility and upper-body releases. 

Boss Dance Company contemporary dancers in Bound. Photo: Pride Productions.

The pack of Boss dancers erupt with energy as they project their talents to some of the dance industry’s most esteemed. Every commercial routine adopts Jordan’s signature style of sass that consistently begs high intensity from the dancers. The choreography is intricate, fast-paced and filled with formation rotations to keep it flowing. 

It is no surprise that Bound is a sell-out spectacular with Jordan Charles Herbert leading the way. His god-like aura illuminates in a spell-binding manner as the big boss cameos sporadically through the show.  Now partnered with Maybelline, Jordan reflects on his accomplishments by looking into a mirror and dancing to his own rhythm. There is a definite personal connection to this show for Jordan, one which ignites a sense of freedom within.

Big boss Jordan Charles Herbert. Photo: Pride Productions.

Unlike previous Boss shows, Bound has no visual aid; it is pure dance glossed with elite lighting design. There are moments of heavy strobe light usage but the cues are unlike any design previously seen from Boss.  Music features classic artists like Cardi B among other R&B greats, interspersed with surprising numbers such as Angel by Sarah McLachlan. 

These professional performers are truly raising the bar for Boss Dance Company. A fusion of commercial and contemporary dance paired with short, sharp routines acts as the perfect combination for an audience member who is an entry-level dance enthusiast. Each ending moment leaves spectators jaw-dropped and clapping thunderously. A well-deserved standing ovation. 

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