Billy Elliot The Musical returns to Australia for its 10th anniversary

February 3, 2020

While the soul of Billy Elliot The Musical remains the same, its story is revolutionised for today’s audiences. 10 years since it was last performed on stage, the show returns to Melbourne to capture the hearts of adults and children alike. 

Danielle Bilios, Resident Choreographer for Billy Elliot The Musical, believes this production captures the essence of self-empowerment for people young and old. Chosen from hundreds of eager auditionees, four boys aged between 11 and 13 have made their professional performance debut in the role of Billy Elliot.


Billy Elliot The Musical, melbourne

Billy Elliots: Jamie Rogers, River Mardesic, Omar Abiad and Wade Neilsen. Picture by James D Morgan.

“Hundreds of boys auditioned and it pushed the ‘boy dance movement’ even further. It challenges all four Billys to keep striving for what they love,” said Ms Bilios.

“The Billys always have the support of each other. It’s strange to see these kids become adults in front of your eyes. In the beginning they don’t really know what they are in for, and by the time they get to the opening night, their hard work unfolds,” told Ms Bilios.


River Mardesic and Aaron Smyth. Billy Elliot The Musical Australia

River Mardesic and Aaron Smyth. Picture by James D Morgan.

Danielle Bilios, 32, has performed as a trained dancer for artists including Kylie Minogue, Taylor Swift and Ricky Martin. She has been privileged to work as a resident choreographer on many musicals, including the most recent Australian revival tour of MAMMA MIA! The Musical. Originally Dance Captain for the Australian tour of the Helpmann Award winning Matilda The Musical, Danielle then transitioned to Resident Choreographer for the show’s New Zealand season.

Danielle Bilios.

“I have worked alongside Tom Hodgson [Associate Choreographer] for quite a few years now. Seeing how much clarity and love goes into [the choreographers’] work transfers over to me. I try to maintain that care and clarity of the movement across eight shows a week,” said Ms Bilios. 

The creatives and cast are well versed in the performing arts across Australian and international industries, providing high expectations for Billy Elliot The Musical upon its return in late February. 

“There really is no show like it; it has the story, the dance and singing. It is a beautiful reminder for anyone seeing the show – look what you can do if you set your mind to it and take a chance.” 

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