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Author: Ruth Letch

‘We are one red blood.’ United through this Indigenous Australian law of belonging, visitors are warmly welcomed to the 2019 Bay Mob Health and Education Expo held at Monash University’s Frankston Campus.

Emotions ran high when my son’s U14 representative basketball team lost their grand final game by one point. They were frustrated, disappointed and totally devastated at the loss of their dream. Their coach sat with his head in his hands, no doubt replaying the dying minutes of the game in his mind. I wasn’t the only parent with tears in my eyes.

The day I launched my copywriting business was surreal. Weird. Nerve-wracking and exhilarating. After endless months of planning, branding discussions, studying, website building and social media creation, I nervously hit ‘publish’ on my website, shared my new Facebook page and waited. And waited. To this day, I’m not exactly sure what I was waiting for.

Excited groups of kids sit cross-legged on the gymnasium floor, faces expectant as the coach gives their end of season speech. Hopeful dancers stand demurely on stage, nervously awaiting competition adjudication. Some will win, some will lose. At that moment, they await the onslaught of emotion. Will they feel happiness and pride or frustration and disappointment?