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Afro Flow Yoga® is not just another wellness trend. Pilin Anice, who has been teaching this unique class since 2011, knows exactly what she is doing as she invites a good 40 New Yorkers to breathe and move to the live drums, vocals, and flute in the sunny studio at Alvin Ailey.

Nia and Ness, a dancer/poet duo based in Brooklyn, tell the story of their daily experiences as a black lesbian couple on stage. Their performances are just as powerful as they are vulnerable, and allow other members of their community—black lesbian women, people of color, LGBTQ+, to see themselves reflected in their story.

Internationally renowned tap dance master Barbara Duffy from New York City has just published her book Tap Into Improv: A Guide to Tap Dance Improvisation, which the tap world has waited for with great anticipation.