Australian dance show ‘Beats on Pointe’ launches worldwide

January 23, 2019

Australian dance company Masters of Choreography is taking its iconic and revamped production Beats on Pointe on a global tour with already near sold out shows. 

Beats on Pointe is heading to Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, New Zealand and London’s West End after touring nationally in Australia. 

The show Beats on Pointe fuses the seemingly contradictory disciplines of ballet and street style. Part of this show’s ongoing success is due to the sheer athleticism and intricate, fast-paced choreography that enables audiences to tap-tap along to the beat. It is clear these dancers are all-rounded professionals who can perform en pointe in tutus, but are also able to loosen the body and show fierce attitude.

Masters of Choreography producer, writer and director Jennifer Masters said fusing all the opposing dance styles proved just as difficult for her as a choreographer and also the dancers.
Beats on Pointe reel.

“Beats on Pointe is a great showcase of not only the talent we have in this country, but also how diverse and inclusive dance truly is,” Jennifer said. 

“Our dancers have outdone themselves with this show. The merging of the two styles to integrate in a way that not only looks good but also makes sense and keeps audiences engaged, has been a great experience for everyone involved.”

“The response to Beats on Pointe has been incredible, and it’s a dream come true to already be booked and selling out in locations across Asia, the Middle East, and to be heading back to the West End,” she added. 

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