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If you are looking for a show that is not riddled with audience interaction, thought-provoking arguments and insightful knowledge then Jimeoin’s new show Result! is for you. 

The set is simply an electric guitar resting on a stand in the corner. As Jimeoin enters the stage, the roaring thunder from the audience shows that his Melbourne fan base continues to be strong. Even at the subtlest hint of an eyebrow raise, the audience is laughing on cue, eager for the humorous dribble that awaits. 

Jimeoin successfully gibbers his way through 60 minutes of garbage…literally, of course, as he shares his adventurous tale of frequently missing bin night and chasing the collector truck to the next street—in his underwear. 

Jimeoin is the man with the best brows in the business. Photo supplied.

He weaves his way indirectly through his observations of fart movements, the mundane thrills of marriage and the simple pleasures found in life, such as seeing his wife stub her toe on the bed and bend down in pain to coincidentally smell his silent-yet-deadly fart. He explains that, at this point in the marriage, laughing at his wife’s pain is a liberating experience. 

Jimeoin expertly fills the last part of the hour with musicality. He plays the guitar with ease while self-deprecating his ability in his unique roguish style, executing the perfect comedic value. The songs he sings are about love and finding the right person, notions that are quickly undermined when he expresses a wearisome response to these life concepts. 

There may be no real point or message to his artistry, but he perfectly fulfils the role of a comedian—he makes people laugh. The audience leaves with stitches and watery eyes, which is exactly how a night at Melbourne’s iconic Comedy Festival should end.

Venezuela-born comedian Ivan Aristeguieta is certainly the best comedian around after his show Fourth Floor simultaneously draws parallels between his younger and current self, while also comparing third and first-world country lifestyles. 

Ivan Aristeguieta is entering the ‘fourth floor’ of his life, as the Venezuelans say. As the soon-to-be 40-year-old ‘Xennial’ (those who do not identify as Gen X or Gen Y) speaks in retrospect of his life, his timing is outstanding—especially considering English is his second language. 

Aristeguieta deliberately jumbles up his prepositions ‘of’, ‘at’ and ‘on’ to make a mockery of the complexities of English language. 

Do you sleep on the bed or in the bed? If you are sleeping on the couch with the covers on you…are you not in the couch too? Or in the floor?”

He makes the same mistake with the concept of threesomes; claiming he always wanted to be ‘on’ a threesome. This misuse of prepositions seems scripted on a simple level, but its intricacies are quite clever. 

Aristeguieta performs a sublime piece of black comedy during his comparison of first-world and third-world living. He gently attacks first-world countries for deliberately starving themselves or adopting fad lifestyle choices, when third-world countries do this purely to survive. The skit is witty and dark, yet the message at its crux is thought-provoking. 

Aristeguieta emphasises that there is no toilet paper in public restrooms of a third-world country. He delivers simple jokes to receive belly laughs for the fact he has had to use one-too-many socks to clean his ‘down under’ in a third-world public restroom, compared to Australia where he can literally see his tax money being flushed down the loo. 

Throughout the show’s entirety, Aristeguieta refers to his icon, Mr Miyagi from The Karate Kid. Torn between living the dream as a comedian and having a secure life, Aristeguieta draws connections to Karate Kid quotes for life guidance. As Mr Miyagi says:

Either you karate do ‘yes’ or karate do ‘no.’ You karate do ‘guess so,’ (get squished) just like grape.”

Aristeguieta squishes all expectations to deliver an innovative mix of Spanish and Aussie lingo to create an authentic spice of comedy. 

Fourth Floor tickets are available throughout the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 27 March – 21 April 2019

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