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Lucy Mangion has eyes on New York City after dancing with The Kid Laroi

April 15, 2024

Lucy Mangion is more than a triple threat–in fact, there isn’t much she can’t do. From contortion to commercial; business owner to balletic dancer; rap music video choreographer to singer, she catapults to the top of the casting list for her ability to master many trades. 

Mangion’s dream is to be on Broadway, performing in Chicago with iconic Fosse style. As a Australian-born performer completing her pre-professional Musical Theatre and Dance training in Melbourne, she is now jetsetting to the ‘big apple’ to pave her career in the performing arts and accept a teaching position at the infamous Broadway Dance Centre

Mangion has a stellar record of megastar names on her resume, dancing alongside The Kid Laroi, Sean Kingston, Joel Corry, Topic, DJ Tigerlily and Havana Brown. Also performing for Melbourne Aces dance team and cheerleading for the Melbourne Storm, there’s no shortage of professional credits for Mangion. 

“A truly magical performance has definitely been for Topic. We performed at a festival onstage for him–six of us dancers–all smashing the choreography as the sun was setting over the ocean. It just felt so good and I came off stage knowing I couldn’t have given it any more,” she smiled. 

Lucy Mangion poses in black leotard and bowler hat. Image credit: TGIFLICKS

As a choreographer, Mangion has worked with Australian rap artists Alpy & Sophiya and will soon announce another big rap name. 

“I had worked with Alpy at an event before and he thought we were such talented dancers that he asked us to be in his music video and for me to choreograph it.”

Mangion has been working as a business owner to provide opportunities for other dancers and performers. She began CTRL Entertainment in 2019 to originally give herself more work as a dancer. She found her business growing at a rapid pace–so much in fact that The Kid Laroi booked her company to be his backup dancers.

Lucy Mangion from CTRL Entertainment dancing alongside The Kid Laroi. Image supplied.

“I think that was the most nervous I’ve ever been in my whole life. We got to perform to his hit song ‘Stay’ by him and Justin Bieber! It was such an amazing opportunity and something I will remember forever,” she reminisced. “I grew my business by staying consistent and hiring dancers who aren’t just extraordinary professional dancers but who are lovely people and easy to work with.”

Through this hustle, she was able to purchase her own home; a dream not many dancers are able to afford at such a young age, particularly in Melbourne where house prices are through the roof. 

Mangion is known for being a ‘chameleon’ in the performance industry due to her wealth of skills and professional experience across a wide array of genres. The key to her success is to lean into the unfamiliar and learn everything you can to give yourself the best chance of landing that dream gig. 

“One thing I have learned being in this industry is you have to be able to do everything–all genres of dance, singing and acting. Although commercial dance isn’t my best style, I still have so much passion and creativity towards it. I also believe there are more opportunities in commercial dancing in Australia compared to professional musicals,” she explained.

Mangion finished secondary education in Melbourne and received perfect scores for her solo in her Year 12 Dance subjects. This gave her the confidence she needed to pursue a career as a performing artist and choreographer. Unlike most performers who start at a dance school when they are in early childhood, she commenced formal dance training at the age of 10 and honed her ballet technique to fast-track her progression. 

Lucy Mangion. Image credit: Christobal Velasquez

“I trained a lot in ballet when I was growing up. I started at a dance school when I was 10 years old, so that’s later than most people and I wanted to get a solid technical foundation. I definitely think this training guided me to receive my perfect scores in Dance,” she told Dance Writer.

Mangion was on the path to study Biomedical Science at university, yet a week prior to starting her course, she decided that her heart would ache if she didn’t pursue performing. 

“It was then that I started late at a full-time dance school in Melbourne and I also completed Broadway Dance Centre’s professional semester in New York City.” 

Ever since she could talk she had an affinity with being on the stage and performing to an audience. Her grandmother has been a pivotal influence on her dancing journey, igniting a passion within her to perform.

“My Nanna is the one that started me dancing because she made all the cousins put on a Christmas concert every year. We used to sing and dance in full costumes our Nanna made for us.”

 “Performing is what I’ve always known I was born to do,” she said.

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