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‘Home Feed’: a virtual theatre

April 1, 2020

As we charter through unprecedented measures of COVID-19, the panic and uncertainty that is brought upon us can often pose a fictional barrier around the notion of connectivity. Yet, for three Australian female dancers, they realised they did not need a theatre to keep the Arts alive. 

As a result, one of the hardest-hit industries is the Performing Arts. With classes, performances, and events placed on pause, a feeling of isolation has become apparent in our everyday lives, particularly with the lack of a real ‘theatre’ experience for performers and audiences alike. 

Australian creatives Cat Santos, Zoee Marsh, and Caetlyn Watson have launched a dance performance web experience called Home Feed where 21 talented acts—left without an audience once COVID-19 restrictions were enforced—provide magical entertainment to viewers’ living rooms. 

home feed

Home Feed.

Prior to the 7:00pm start time, set lists and time zone conversions were posted on the home feed Instagram page (@_homefeed) enabling the universal language of movement to be experienced across the globe simultaneously, truly emphasising the previously denied fact that although many things are, connection between ones self and others is not restricted. 

Each individual act over the three designated hours of playing time utilises their everyday environment to produce raw and dynamic content accompanied by an ‘emotion led’ discussion of current situations. With genres varying from Hip Hop to Lyrical and everything in-between, the playlist demonstrates that no matter how hard times can be, movement can remain a constant distraction. Through this, these artists who are still creating, virtually invite audiences into their homes, providing insight into how others are coping during these times. They echo messages of positivity to instil hope and joy for viewers and performers.

A major part of this initiative focuses on connectivity and support. The musical backgrounds of all 21 acts hold connective meaning parallel to the movement. Each track is one from an Australian music artist linking all branches of the arts together and further pushes the support for those in the Arts who may be struggling into a broader community beyond that of dance. 

home feedThis ‘at-home theatre experience’ was free but opened the gate for donations. Home Feed proved to be a success with more than $2000 in donations flowing in to be shared among them while they comprehend the loss of their work indefinitely. 

On the Home Feed Youtube channel, all 21 acts remain for the opportunity to view at a later date. More live upload events are in the works to broadcast in the near future…

“The trees are still blowing in the wind, The sky is still so bright. The Universe is still celebrating,” Tiana Canterbury. 

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