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‘Raise the Barre’ rocks ballet and breakdance blend

Raise The Barre Frankston Arts Centre

‘Raise the Barre’ rocks ballet and breakdance blend

Described as ‘a commercial ballet show with attitude’, Raise the Barre presented by Masters of Choreography lifts the roof with its perfect theatrical fusion of classical and commercial dance styles. 

The Cube at Frankston Arts Centre is a humble space. The ‘dance academy’ is easily defined by a simple wooden stage holding a drum set, ballet barre and noticeboard. But, in typical Masters Of Choreography-style, expectations are immediately flipped when the ‘students’ appear to the epic sound of Guns n Roses’ Paradise City.

This sets the precedent for a non-stop playlist which contrasts the classical score with an upbeat pop and rock medley of well-known songs. 

Raise The Barre Masters of Choreography

Cast of Raise The Barre by Masters of Choreography. Photo supplied.

On-stage, the mixed dance class begins with performers dressed in basic warm-up attire. Costume changes are fast and furious throughout the production, cleverly conducted in this small theatre setting. 

This superstar cast of 12 dancers is committed to the awe-inspiring choreography. Coming from various backgrounds of dance training, all performers demonstrate exceptional skills, high-energy and creativity. Chief ballet and jazz choreographer Emma Vaiano and three performer / choreographers Taylor Diamond Lord, Phoenix Chung and Jamane Virdo produce the dazzling choreography which truly defines their production name, Masters of Choreography. 

Cast of Raise The Barre by Masters of Choreography. Photo supplied.

Writer, Producer and Director Jennifer Masters creates a comedic storyline that allows the imagination of the viewers to run wild. A unique quirk of this masterpiece is the secondary component regarding the concept of gender. The ‘Cheeky Boys’, a comic relief trio, offers a jaw-dropping performance of ‘Single Ladies’ as well as an improvised costume / dress-up number where the boys show off their truly ‘fabulous’ attitude. Jamane Virdo is a total showstopper with unbelievable stage presence and exceptional breakdance skills that hold the audience enthralled. The constant battle between girls and boys, ballet and street dance, constantly keeps the audience on their toes, wondering who is going to finish on top. 

Raise the Barre is the sister show of Masters’ well-known production, Beats on Pointe. Another successful choreographic fusion of ballet, hip hop, jazz, breaking, street and commercial dance styles, this is definitely a production not to be missed. 

Touring February through May in Victorian venues, Raise the Barre is looking forward to taking the show overseas to London for an exciting 10 days in June 2020. For tickets click here.

Cast of Raise The Barre by Masters of Choreography. Photo supplied.

Cast of Raise The Barre by Masters of Choreography. Photo supplied.

Creative team:

Jennifer Masters – Writer, Producer, Director

Milo Masters – Producer, Director 

Emma Vaiano – Chief Ballet and Jazz Choreographer

Taylor Diamond Lord – Hip Hop Choreographer

Phoenix Chung – Hip Hop Choreographer

Jamane Virdo – Hip Hop Choreographer

Superstar Cast:

Phoenix Chung

Taylor Diamond Lord

Jamane Virdo

Matt Dillon

Kealy Fouracre

Tristan Gross

Adam Hedo

Kelly Hemsley

Verity Runje

Paige Sutherland

Brook Williams

Lissy Jaye