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It is certainly a reality check for many dancers when So You Think You Can Dance star Tate McRae says even she has not got enough training and experience to be a professional dancer…yet. Dance Writer chats to Tate about her passions and how she remains true to herself. 

Forget apples, safe dance practice will keep the doctor away!

Social media is arguably altering the perception of what is achievable in dance. Young dancers are copying movements from Instagram and performing them without regard to harm or hazard. According to a Melbourne based dance instructor and qualified doctor Lisa Ellis, dancers can still be as flexible as they possibly can be by following a safe dance procedure.

Lauren understands the importance of being her own individual. She had to be herself to stand out from the thousands of female dancers auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance Australia.  It is her personal spark that allows her to execute the choreography with a ‘Lauren’ difference. This is what she seeks in her students—their personal brand of individuality.