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Truly Daring: Indefinite Dance Company

Truly Daring: Indefinite Dance Company

Indefinite Dance Company proves being daring is the way to be successful as its junior cast creates a spectacle on the stage with Truth or Dare.

Situated in the heart of North Melbourne is the heritage-listed Meat Market, once home to local butchers and market goers. Now, this site is a common performance space for the arts, particularly dance companies and establishments. 20 youthful bodies dressed in black and white mesh leotards fill the stage as they begin their one-hour journey of Truth or Dare in front of an intimate audience.

© Mish Mackay Photography.

Director Casey Chellew has worked tirelessly day in and day out to create a brand new piece of magic on this stage. At only 26-years-old, Casey has her own junior and senior dance company. With a full cast, three shows and a team of volunteers, Casey’s dream has finally turned a reality. The long eight-hour weekend rehearsals seem to have paid off as the work from beginning to end is energetic and frequent flowing.

Truth or Dare explores the game of choice—wanting facts or desiring exhilaration. The most captivating part of the show is the high-intensity music, which utilises both soundtracks and pop songs to create the concept of choice, and the consequences or possibilities stemming from those choices. The choices we make in life are based on the fear of the unknown—are you fearless or are you fearful? Do you stick with comfortable or do you dare to be different?

© Mish Mackay Photography.

This junior cast demonstrates they are fearless through the execution of choreography and expression. Their faces on stage say everything; the intensity in their eyes show they want to be on that stage with their whole presence. Their level of energy in every moment exhibits their passion. Casey has ingrained in them that contemporary dance is about passion, technique, and expression, which is exactly what each dancer brings to the performance.

The Company should be congratulated for presenting such a high-quality piece of work where the choreography enables the dancers to be tested. Fly-rolls, backbends, walkovers and fast arabesques are just some of the acrobatic skills involved in this piece to give it a dynamic and punchy edge. One scene in the first act reminded me of Calisthenics Freearm, as the movements were so athletic and sharp. It is clear the choreography preaches to the junior desires of acrobatics, but still remains faithful to its contemporary roots.

Indefinite Dance Company in rehearsal. © Mish Mackay Photography.

In saying this, the contemporary choreography could be explored in various other ways as well. The frequent voiceover from the dancers begging the question, “Truth or dare” signifying the beginning of a new segment is not necessarily adding context to its performance—however, nice that each dancer gets to have a voice. It would be pleasing to see more high-energy choreography put into the works as the fast music was truly a terrific toe-tapper.

A truly daring performance by Indefinite Dance Company!

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