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SCIMM Platforms Youth Company’s ‘Within Us’ is exquisite

SCIMM Platforms Youth Company Within Us

SCIMM Platforms Youth Company’s ‘Within Us’ is exquisite

SCIMM Platforms Youth Company takes audiences on an exploration of three key concepts in their 2019 Triple Bill ‘Within Us’: oceans, emotions, and the possibility of extra-terrestrial life showcases the talent of the 33 cast members involved, the choreographers Scott Pokorny and Tim Barnes (SCIMM directors), and special guests Brittany Page and Sarah Boulter. 

Oltremare by Brittany Page

The contemporary-based show commences with ‘Oltremare’, exploring our oceans and the threat we pose on the life they hold. Choreographed by Brittany Page, the starting ‘pyramid-like’ formation of dancers sets the mood for the piece, which is accompanied by dull blue lighting to imitate the ocean. 

The choreography consists of differing group structures, solos, duos, and trios, all highlighting the talents on the stage in relation to musicality, strength and control. Brittany Page’s use of abstract shapes, mirrors the many sea creatures who inhabit our oceans perfectly, helping to give a sense of personal interpretation to the work. Repeated sounds progress through the work, telling a story so close to present times in way that everyone could understand.

SCIMM Platforms Youth Company. Photo: Tiarn Courtice.

Emotions in Motion by Sarah Boutler

Sarah Boulter further breaks down her piece ‘Emotions in Motion’ into three moments of emotion; powerplay, yearning, and contentment. Powerplay focuses on a one way communication between paired dancers surrounded by intimidating red lights. The use of canons and circular spatial patterns help to reflect the definition of the emotion, giving it a physical alternative. Yearning uses material props in conjunction with a reaching gesture to show desperation. With smaller group sizes and movement vocabulary branching from ballet technique and acrobatics, the audience is able to connect to the dancers on an emotional level. Contentment is a wildly energetic piece, consisting of visual expression and erratic movement. This emotion contrasts to the previous two with the inclusion of percussive vocals, and further exploration of jazz elements.

dancing SCIMM Platforms

Photo by Tiarn Courtice.

Within Us by Scott Pokorny and Tim Barnes

SCIMM sets the scene of a speculative future for a family living in the mid-20th century that experience a presence of extra-terrestrial life. Being the longest of the three sections, ‘Within Us’ uses contrasting music choices between dialogue and instrumental to help the audience differentiate between family life and that of the assumed extra-terrestrial life. The dancers perform modern ballet and contemporary to transition between ‘family’ and ‘alien’ scenes. It is clear this final work is supreme in its choreography and detail, working with simple props to execute the story. 

It is refreshing to witness guest performances peppered throughout the show, danced by SCIMM’s Professional Company members. This helps to establish a clear pathway for the Platform Youth dancers to travel, securing SCIMM’s place in this volatile industry. 

SCIMM Platforms Youth Company.

SCIMM Platforms Youth Company. Photo by Tiarn Courtice.

SCIMM Platforms Youth Company, with the assistance of their highly talented choreographers, puts on a Triple Bill to remember. The production of ‘Within Us’ takes audiences on a journey from present to future times, with the accumulation of movement, display of technical training, and attention to detail. I leave speechless as the calibre of this performance touches the audience on all different levels. All three contrasting stories are expressed through faultless movement and the passion of the performers is certainly visible from the stage.