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Scimm Dance Company’s ‘Senseless State’ revolutionising classical ballet

Scimm Dance Company’s ‘Senseless State’ revolutionising classical ballet

If you don’t like watching the flutters and flurries of ballet—then this is the show for you. 

Scimm Dance Company presents ‘Senseless State’ double bill that compacts all the goodness of classical ballet but blends the naughty, exotic elements of commercial contemporary. 

The stage is an open black void. Patrons stare eagerly into the abyss, excited for what is about to come. Junior Scimm Dance Company performer Daisy Boo opens the show with a highly technical and fluid contemporary piece. You can tell she has the Scimm essence within her as her technique and expression mimic that of the professional dancers who succeed her.

The first part of the double bill ‘Insensate’ is a neo-classical work that is technique-driven. Dancers are strong in their execution and control. Female dancers grace the stage in red velvet leotards and ballet shoes, which looks simple yet elegant. Choreography consists of high, unfolding legs and dozens of pirouettes, creating a flowing effect. The male dancers are bare-chested and wearing flared black pants to showcase their strength and poise. It is refreshing to see males and females perform choreography that is equal in strength and flexibility—a testament to the directors.

The real game changer of pace is when the two company directors Scott Pokorny and Timothy Barnes enter the stage for their cameo appearance, performing a classical-contemporary fusion. The pair complements each other perfectly. Scott carries the true classical demeanour of elegance and flexibility while Tim’s strength is captivating.

The second half of the evening feels like it transports you to the nightclubs of Chapel Street, where electronica, booze, sex, and strobe all rise to the surface. Bright coloured jumpers and tops over the classical black leotard demonstrate Scimm’s choreographic ability to simultaneously stick to the classical style while lacing a youthful spin on it. Even when the dancers pair off and engage in an exotic pas de deux, the movements are still executed with all the classical rules.

Scimm Dance Company is a premium establishment for professional dancers.  Directors Scott and Tim have built a safe space where dance can be explored and pushed to the boundaries. I believe they are only scratching the surface with their potential—there is a whole world of possibility that awaits this Company and I look forward to seeing how they create those opportunities to help improve the vitality of the Australian dance industry.

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