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Drummer Queens: un-‘beat’-able

Drummer Queens: un-‘beat’-able

Like a heartbeat, Drummer Queens is a show that will stay with you forever.

A brilliant fusion of power and tenderness, Drummer Queens is a performance like no other. Playing at Melbourne’s Comedy Theatre until Saturday 8 May, before travelling throughout Australia, the sheer talent displayed by these eight women brings an unsurpassed passion and enthusiasm for rhythm, dance and entertainment.

Joy and empowerment are the over-riding tenets of this unique show. First experiencing a low percussive rumbling through the theatre, the audience is then taken on a joyous and  often dramatic ride through various musical genres. Transforming from quiet ballads to foot-stomping rock, with a little EDM thrown in, the performers consistently showcase their incredible skills and ability to connect with the enthralled audience.

The steam-punk style set is clever in construction. It supports the physicality of the performers as they move between solo and group pieces, diverse percussion instruments and drum kits. There is an innate fluidity in every number, with the instruments, dancers and lighting all choreographed to a logistical perfection. 

Their unison is outstanding as the eight women express their love of drumming. Cheeky, daring, humourous, challenging and engaging, the Drummer Queens interact with the audience throughout the show, sharing their distinct personalities with flair. Every emotion is portrayed through the music, choreography and exploration of the beat. 

Increasingly complex percussion skills are displayed as they showcase their talents. All musicians move through their well-practiced choreographic formations before exploring amazing individual gifts. One of Australia’s leading tap dancers and the show’s choreographer, Peta Anderson’s tap solo is beyond comprehension. Her energetic, highly skilled and awe-inspiring ability to tap while drumming cannot be adequately described in words.

This intimate performance speaks to the soul. With beautifully smooth transitions between each number, their ability to tell stories through sound, bodies, percussion and lighting creates an experience that will stay with the audience forever. A performance full of surprises and curiosity, anticipation builds a mesmerizing suspense from start to finish. This rhythmic extravaganza will have you hanging on every beat.

Drummer Queens

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