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Spectrum Dance Heralds 10 Years Since Establishment In 2007

Spectrum Dance Heralds 10 Years Since Establishment In 2007

“The greatest measure of our success is seeing graduating students working in this crazy industry, travelling and creating great life experiences.” —Trish Squire Rogers

It has been 10 years since Spectrum first opened its doors to budding young dancers across Victoria.

Co-founder of Spectrum Studios ©Trish Squire Rogers.

Spectrum Dance started over a cup of coffee between Katie Rappel and Trish Squire Rogers exactly a decade ago. Trish returned from an overseas contract gig and was ready to set up an establishment where highly skilled dancers could train to break into the industry. Trish had already kicked off her own talent agency, which paired perfectly with the full-time dance school.

So how far has Spectrum come in 10 years? The establishment has evolved, changed and grown over the duration due to the effective business partnership between Katie and Trish, “which, remains one of Spectrum’s greatest assets,” Trish said. As new business partners at its inception, they both agreed on the vision to create a full-time dance course that equips the dancer with skills to be a well-rounded artist—both mentally and physically. This autumn Trish has invited international choreographers and Australian talent to come teach advanced workshops—a stage best reflecting how far Spectrum has evolved.

Coming from Bartuccio’s Dance, Trish felt the dance industry needed a space where dancers could go and achieve their goals in show business. Spectrum is about learning how to be a professional performer but also placing emphasis on business strategies. Trish wants to develop more than just dancers, she wants to create dance entrepreneurs. “What makes Spectrum successful is our focus on industry training and exposure whilst training in full-time performance. Spectrum instructors and teachers are industry professionals and well connected which is beneficial to our emerging artists,” said Trish.

Trish explains that dancers are forever hearing they are not good enough. Dancers are endlessly putting themselves on the line and more often than not they are faced with the word ‘no’. “Katie and I wanted to create a program of dance that prepares the students for a mentally taxing but fulfilling lifestyle so that they can maintain a healthy state of mind in the face of  adversity.” Trish promotes her three values passion, integrity, and dedication, which has transpired onto Spectrum Studios. She claims individualism is key to the progression of any dancer undertaking a full-time dance course like Spectrum.

With 10 years of hard work finally comes a celebration—but not only is it a celebration of the well-trained dancers Spectrum produces, but also an appreciation for each individual who has found solace and safety in Spectrum Studios.