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Paul Malek’s ‘Ever-Evolving’ Ethos Bleeds Into Transit Dance

Paul Malek’s ‘Ever-Evolving’ Ethos Bleeds Into Transit Dance

“We are constantly reviewing our processes to the students’ growth and training with our faculty in consultation with the students themselves. And in addition to this, our duty of care to each individual is our main focus in everyday life at here Transit.” – Paul Malek

What is inspirational teaching? How can we be inspiring to our students? How can we keep them evolving into the best person they can be?

Paul Malek is one of four directors of the full-time dance establishment Transit Dance. There is no one leader at Transit; but rather Transit boasts a flourished faculty of trained individuals who have equal input into the professional development in Kensington. “Our ideology here at Transit is based on the principles of equality, diversity and celebrating each individual and their unique qualities,” said Paul.

Paul explains that Transit Dance have three basic rules, which are the rules of improvisation and of life.

We are constantly evolving
We all have endless possibilities
Nothing is incorrect. 

Paul has been blessed growing up in a dance studio environment and being mentored from an early age by his dance-educating mother Karen Malek. “Her gift imparting knowledge is something I know I have admired my entire life and am constantly learning from her still to this day,” Paul smiled. He began teaching from an early age and continued his professional performing journey Australia-wide and over international waters.

From his journey as a professional dancer, Paul has committed himself to training others and allowing them to become greater versions of themselves. “To be witness to so many personal successes on a daily basis, not just in the performance environment, is what I cherish the most,” Paul said. “Students should be growing and evolving every minute of their time here at Transit, and that is something pretty special to witness.”

Transit Dance is rooted in the contemporary dance style. Transit mentors look for “generous human beings who are passionate about their craft—about dance, and about the future of their career and the industry as a whole,” said Paul. An extensive audition process for entry is to undergo a ballet class followed by a contemporary class and an improvisation session furthered by individual interviews.

Transit is a pivotal member of Victorian Dance Festival and the full-time students will be at the festival participating in workshops. Paul believes pre-professional dancers must develop the skill of performing at their peak ability while being outside of their comfortable dance studio. “The experience itself (VDF), in such an environment, is inspiring alone, and then to share so many incredible moments with our beautiful dance community you cannot replicate ever in any training institute,” said Paul.