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Transit Dance Creating Entrepreneurs with New Production Internship

Transit Dance Creating Entrepreneurs with New Production Internship

Melbourne’s Transit Dance is now offering exclusive production internships to those savvy students looking to develop entrepreneurial skills in dance management, after trialling the program last year with great success. 

Transit Dance is quickly becoming one of Australia’s leading dance institutions due to the world-renowned dance training by industry leaders paired with endless opportunities provided to its students. Transit Dance co-founders Paul Malek and Chris Curran have been working tirelessly to create a dynamic disruption in the dance education sector.

The new year-long internship program will be offered from 2018 to current students partaking in dance and performing arts streams. The successful applicants will invest their time outside of class hours to help bring together some of the largest dance events in Melbourne, including UNDRGRND and Dance Architect.

Throughout the year, students learn the staples of production management; how to organise and liaise with acts and crew, scheduling, booking guests, implementing social media strategies and helping to execute marketing campaigns. Working alongside associate producer Jayden Hicks as well as learning from the directors, the successful applicants will be guided by the professional training and knowledge.

Chris Curran claims this internship will give Transit Dance students an unbeatable edge into the Australian and international dance industries. 

“I personally have learned most of what I know from on-the-job experience, and felt very strongly about giving interested students the same kind of real-world training to prepare them for the future,”  said Chris.

“I am very proud of the internship program we offer here at Transit Dance. Not only do the students walk away with the highest level of dance training, but they are also given the opportunity to really hone their skills in a complementary field like production management,” he added.

Lucy Wong Transit Dance Intern. Photo: supplied.

The internship program last year offered extracurricular work to two students who the directors felt were up to the challenge. Lucy Wong, a second-year Performing Arts student gained exposure in the industry as someone more than a dancer.

“This internship has prepared me for the future by teaching me skills in communication and organisation along with helping me to think on my feet when working with industry professionals and the general public,” said Lucy.

“These lessons and relationships I have gained from this experience are things that I will highly value and I am so grateful for every part of this experience,” she added.

Working with the likes of Jayden Hicks and Yvette Lee on UNDRGRND—one of the hottest dance events in Melbourne has sharpened their knowledge on the dance industry as well as establishing strong connections with some of the most influential dance entrepreneurs.

“Lucy and Caitlin have been integral in the production of Transit Dance events this year. They have worked closely with me on UNDRGRND Melbourne and Dance Architect in 2017 and I have been amazed by their professionalism and capability,” said internship mentor Jayden Hicks.

“People working at their level are very rare jewels and I am so proud of all they have achieved this year.”

“This is a wonderful program that truly is creating the next generation of dance entrepreneurs, and that is very exciting!” said renowned Australian choreographer Yvette Lee.

Caitlin Bobeldyk & Lucy Wong as Transit’s production interns.

Dance entrepreneur Paul Malek has provided countless opportunities to dancers in the past through his various extension programs and companies, and this internship he claims is no different. This is why the production internship has been born—to help increase employment rates for Transit dancers.

“Dance is a tough job. Employment is not as reliable as some other fields, so it’s really important that young dancers are multi-skilled and can work in different areas of the dance industry,” told Paul.

The internship not only provides a taste of the dance realm from behind the scenes, but it also helps develop communication skills, builds self-confidence and promotes a well-rounded artist.

Caitlin Bobeldyk, also a second-year Performing Arts student at Transit had the pleasure of completing the internship in 2017. The most valuable skills she learned in the program was the ability to communicate confidently by helping people during their auditions.

“A stand out experience was when I assisted at the Transit Dance auditions. I loved helping people feel comfortable and enjoy their experience,” smiled Caitlin.

“I won’t just be leaving Transit Dance with performing skills, I will also have multiple streams I can contribute to as well.”

Transit Dance has dropped several big initiatives recently with the all-male fellowship valued at almost $75,000, plus the integration of new artistic directors Adam Wheeler for the contemporary stream and Israel Aloni for the brand new pre-professional pathway (Tr.IPP) that offers international experience.

If you are a current or prospective 2018 Transit Dance student interested in this production internship, please visit the Transit Dance website here.

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