Lucy Doherty has a Mother’s Day gift to all Breast Cancer warriors 

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Lucy Doherty has a Mother’s Day gift to all Breast Cancer warriors 

Sydney-based dancer and choreographer Lucy Doherty will release the third instalment of her film series ‘Dancing For Jane’ this Mother’s Day in memory of her own mum who lost the battle to Breast Cancer. 

On November 9, 2014, Lucy’s world imploded when she lost her mother Jane Doherty to breast cancer at age 54.

Jane was not alone in her battle. According to the Cancer Council Australia, 16,614 women were diagnosed in 2014. The current statistic says one-in-eight women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer by the time they turn 85. 

Lucy Doherty up close. Photo: Patrick Mazzolo.

Through transforming her pain into a poetic memoir on film, Lucy aims to bring awareness to the often silent struggles with grief that many people can face after losing a loved one, or witnessing someone they love going through something as traumatic as Cancer and Cancer treatment.  This project allows her to use dance as a tool for her own healing as well as a way to connect with others who might be sharing a similar journey. 

Even though Lucy still struggles to speak about her loss in day-to-day life, she finds strength in performing an emotive dance on film. Her first of the three instalments in collaboration with cinematographer  Patrick Mazzolo is 6TEEN DREAM, featuring Lucy on a desert plain moving irrationally while screaming in silence.

The second instalment MANDALA focuses on the themes after sudden grief—love and sorrow—as she dances through thick mud and flowers to show devotion to her mother’s legacy. This project was nominated and shortlisted for an Australian Dance Award in 2017 for Outstanding Achievement in Dance on Film. 

Now, Lucy is back for the third instalment REMINISCENCE, which is a collaborative project with renowned choreographer Sarah Boulter. Referring to the quote, ‘All that we love deeply becomes a part of us’ showcases Lucy’s endless love and admiration for Jane. As a mother’s day gift, Lucy is releasing a link to the third instalment via Facebook on the morning of 13th May 2018. 

It is a topic that is hard to talk about but dance has the power to transcend words. I have found it to be a powerful way to process, grieve and share my journey with others,” said Lucy.

To watch the anticipated short film REMINISCENCE, click attending to her Facebook event here.  It will also be available to watch on YouTube and at Lucy Doherty’s website. 

Lucy Doherty in Reminiscence. Photo by Patrick Mazzolo.

“When we lose somebody we love, it is natural to seek the emotional support they once provided to us in other people, relationships, and circumstances when really the comfort we are seeking and ultimately our healing is already existent within us. The deepest bonds of love cannot be broken, rather they become a part of us and are calling us to remember what is already there.