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Our Goals

Our Mission

To build consumer trust and loyalty by producing compelling stories and content for businesses and individuals.

Our Vision

Bring people’s stories, purposes and values to life.


What we do

At Dance Writer Content Creations, we strategise, research and produce any content that your business needs. It is that easy. Our services include press releases, resumes, cover letters, web and edm copy, social media, magazines, e-books and novel editing / ghostwriting, editorials, blogs, script writing, radio advertising copy, award submissions and basically anything that involves the written word!

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Who we are

I’m Jessica Poulter, a passionate wordsmith and storyteller. I have more than 10 years professional experience as a content developer, journalist, producer and communications specialist.

I have more degrees than a compass with a Bachelor of Arts (English and Creative Writing), a Diploma of Journalism. a Graduate Diploma in Business (Entrepreneurship) among other certificates in Dance Teaching & Management. A born writer, I’ve won awards since I was 11 years old in writing competitions and received Excellence Awards in Literature and English at secondary school and university.

My professional endeavours have allowed me to work in commercial radio and television, marketing and social media. Now, I aim to work with businesses to help them thrive and build their credibility through storytelling.

Content Creations

Why do you need a professional wordsmith?

All people want to do is to connect with each other. Content marketing helps to build that sense of connection by promoting brand awareness, trust, loyalty and engagement. Through stories, your audience can get to know the real you and feel empowered to follow your journey to success. This is where we come into the picture. You might have a great story, but the way you tell it will make or break your brand’s authenticity. Let us find your tone of voice, your values, your personality and platforms that best represent who you are

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