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  • How To Be A Dance Writer

    $ 100 2 hours
  • How To Be A Dance Writer 
    2 hours 
    Cost: $100.00 
  • How To Be A Dance Entrepreneur

    $ 250 6 hours
  • How To Be A Dance Entrepreneur
     6 hours
    Cost: $250.00 

How To Be A Dance Writer is an exclusive workshop for children aged 10-17 years who wish to pursue a career in the English and Creative Writing space or for those students who require a stronger academic focus in the areas of grammar, spelling, ideas and story writing. The first part of the workshop is about Social Media—the dangers and the benefits and how to manage them.  

The second part of the workshop covers the basics of reviewing dance performances, story telling and profile writing. At the end of the workshop, students have the opportunity to submit their work for their chance to be published on Dance Writer’s blog. 

How To Be A Dance Entrepreneur is an exclusive workshop for adults aged 18 and over who desire to pursue a career in the entertainment industry as an entrepreneur. The workshop includes guest speakers from dance, sport, education, marketing and more to help empower and inspire you to achieve your personal best. You will come out of this workshop full of ideas, strategies and contacts to help kickstart your business.  

  • Dance Writer Youth Masterclass

    $ 75.00 1.5 hours
  • Dance Writer Youth Masterclass
    1.5 hours 

    Cost: $75.00 


  • How To Be A Dance Writer and Dance Writer Youth Masterclass

    $ 150 monthly
  • How To Be A Dance Writer and Dance Writer Youth Masterclass:

    Cost: $150.00 

Dance Writer Youth Masterclass is an opportunity for budding young dancers aged 10-17 years who is passionate about dance and is thinking about pursuing it as a career. In this masterclass you will learn repertoire from Dance Writer Youth Companys latest productions by the Artistic Director Jessica Poulter.