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Dance Writer Ambassador Program is an opportunity for an outstanding performing artists from age 10-40 years who are excelling in the entertainment industry. Our Ambassadors are the face of our brand and act as role models to budding young performers. As an Ambassador you will partake in photo and video shoots, perform in galas and showcases and be offered exclusive access to our events, workshops and more.

Ambassadors for 2019

For further information or details about our ambassadors or ambassador program please contact Jessica Poulter.


What is an Ambassador?

An ambassador is a person or group of people who help promote the brand, endorse the brand and be represented by the brand. For Dance Writer, we are looking for people who enjoy dance, have a presence on social media and have a voice in their dancing communities.

How do I apply?

Dance Writer will only accept formal applications. Applications are open between May 01 – June 30, and Dec 01 – Jan 30. Please email Jessica, editor@dancewriter.com.au with a 200-word biography and a headshot. This biography must also state why you wish to be a Dance Writer Ambassador.

What is dance writer?

Dance Writer is a digital publication that focuses on the dance and arts industry. Established in 2014 by dance journalist Jessica Poulter, Dance Writer has now become Australia’s freshest dance blog!

What do I do as an Ambassador?

The ambassador will have an article published about them in Dance Writer upon acceptance. A free Dance Writer t-shirt as merchandise! The ambassador will contribute to fortnightly journals that will be published online and on social media. Post minimum of one piece of content per week that links directly back to Dance Writer.

Download the Ambassador Details Pack?

The ambassador details pack will contain all the details to become an ambassador for Dance Writer Australia. Click on the header to download or the button located earlier on this page.