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Rhythm royalty: Drummer Queens’ Georgia Anderson

Georgia Anderson Drummer Queens. Photo by David Hooley.

Rhythm royalty: Drummer Queens’ Georgia Anderson

The loud and rhythmic percussion show Drummer Queens is coming to Melbourne’s Comedy Theatre in late April-early May 2021 for a ‘banger’ of a season. We speak to tap dancer and percussionist cast member Georgia Anderson about her role in this unique show. 

Georgia Anderson is a passionate, triple-threat performer and creative. She is well-known for her versatility, athleticism, dynamic energy and rhythm. She has had the incredible opportunity to work for many independent, Australian companies including Phly Crew, Tap For All, The Forge Tap Company and Dance Editorial.

In Drummer Queens, Georgia plays the role of the baby protege percussionist known as Bey-B where she does a mixture of tap dance, acrobatics and drumming. The cast features eight female percussionists from diverse musical backgrounds including Japanese taiko drummers, rock, reggae, afro-punk and pop drummers. Georgia is both a tap dancer and a drummer herself, which were pivotal skills for her to secure the role. 

“For Drummer Queens, they give you the sheet music for the show. Musically, the show is very challenging and I have done a lot of tap exams in my life where I have been challenged but this is not for the average tap dancer to pick up,” Anderson said. 

Joe Accaria is the creator and composer of Drummer Queens. He had the idea for the show approximately seven years ago when he and his female drummer friends would jam at his house. He realised that female drummers needed to be represented in a way not perviously seen. 

“Joe felt that women needed to be at the forefront of the show and to demonstrate that women can drum just as well as men,” she added. 

“This show is about making the audience feel the passion and joy we experience when we perform—it doesn’t have a conventional story line,” Anderson explained. 

The lighting in Drummer Queens is reminiscent of Vivid Sydney, a festival of Light, Music and Ideas. Combined with incredible set design, musical composition and various drum kits, the lighting is extravagant and empowering to witness. 

Prior to her professional career in the performing arts, Georgia moved to Sydney on a scholarship to study at The Next Step Performing Arts and completed her Cert. IV at Brent Street. 

Georgia met renowned Australian choreographer Marko Panzic in her hometown of Perth where he gave her a pass to the Australian Dance Festival. He told her that full time dance was an essential part to becoming a performer and recommended Brent Street for a commercial dance pathway. At the festival, Georgia met Chris and Laura, the owners of Next Step who offered her a scholarship. 

“If it wasn’t for the extra year at Next Step and my year at Brent Street, I wouldn’t have made the wonderful connections I have made today,” she said.  

Niki Johnson, Georgia Anderson, Salina Myat, Peta Anderson and Lisa Purmodh in DRUMMER QUEENS. Photo by David Hooley.

Created and composed by Joe Accaria, co-created and directed by Nigel Turner-Carroll and choreography by Peta Anderson, the Australian Premiere season of Drummer Queens opened at the Sydney Lyric Theatre in February 2021, and will play the Comedy Theatre Melbourne in April and the Lyric Theatre at Brisbane’s QPAC in May 2021 before departing on a regional tour.

Tickets are now on sale for Drummer Queens. You can purchase yours here: https://www.drummerqueens.com

Melbourne Comedy Theatre, 28 April – 8 May, 2021 

Lyric Theatre Brisbane QPAC, 12 – 16 May, 2021

Regional Tour, 8 June – 3 July, 2021 

Adelaide, 8 – 19 September, 2021