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Contortionist Aynsley Ljaskevic aims high, Cirque Du Soleil

Contortionist Aynsley Ljaskevic aims high, Cirque Du Soleil

Diva Dance Photography Ambassador Aynsley Ljaskevic has a dream of being part of the largest international touring circus company Cirque Du Soleil when she’s older.

Aynsley captured by Leah from Diva Dance. Photo supplied.

At just 16 years old, Aynsley has many achievements under her belt. Her two-year ambassadorship so far with Diva Dance Photography has truly excelled her professional profile and confidence in front of a camera. Leah Hoffman, founder of Diva Dance and an ex-calisthenics girl has given Aynsley an opportunity of a lifetime; to be a role model for other Calisthenics girls through exquisite powder portraits. With Aynsley performing tricks in the studio during a shoot, other budding Calisthenics and circus performers can aspire to her. 

Aynsley looking like a spider for a Diva Dance shoot. Photo: supplied.

Aynsley has been doing Calisthenics since 2008 and has never stopped. Her passion along with Calisthenics is circus arts, which can be compared to Calisthenics items such as freearm where girls can express their strength and flexibility like gymnasts.

“Calisthenics is an addiction,” Aynsley said with a smile.

Originally at Kingston Calisthenics for many years, she moved to Chadstone where she developed both her physical and graceful technique for solos and coaching purposes. She competes on stage almost 20 times a year and has won many titles at State Championships in both solos and teamwork along the way.

“I do about 10 hours of Calisthenics a week. I’m in the hall all the time doing solos, teamwork, levels or just practicing.”

Aynsley’s flexibility is her strength. Photo: Diva Dance Photography.

Ansley was successful in her audition for State Team Victorian Calisthenics in 2017, competing in a team of approximately 20 other dancers. The Victorian team placed 3rd at Nationals, but her biggest highlight was being given the opportunity to perform a duo at Nationals alongside her teammate.

“In previous years, I have been very self-conscious, but now moving clubs and doing State Team, I’ve found more people who believe in me, which makes me want to do better!” said Aynsley.

Diva Dance’s Couture Portraits where the ambassadors dance in powder.

Calisthenics runs in Aynsley’s family. Her great-grandmother did Calisthenics, followed by her grandmother and then her mother.

“Calisthenics has been in my family for generations! I hope to continue it one day.”

Aynsley has high hopes to study a Bachelor of Circus Arts at Swinburne University before she endeavours to audition for the international touring circus company Cirque Du Soleil as a contortionist.

“Flexibility is definitely my strength, it just comes naturally to me,” said Aynsley. “Being in Cirque Du Soleil would be the dream!” she smiled.

Diva Dance Photography.

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