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Ambassador Phoebe Collins Is Not An Ordinary Teenager

Ambassador Phoebe Collins Is Not An Ordinary Teenager

16-year-old dancer Phoebe Collins is well on the way to becoming Australia’s next big hot shot with extensive training programs and professional credits already under her belt.

The Diva Dance Photography Ambassador Phoebe Collins lives and breathes dance. The 16-year-old performer is homeschooled so she can fit her dancing curriculum. She has been studying from home since she was in Year 7. Now, she is entering Year 11.

“Being homeschooled is beneficial for what I do; to be able to fit in dance and manage school work…it is hard without a teacher, but you have to be super independent and you have to stick to your schedule,” Phoebe told Dance Writer.

Diva Dance Ambassador Phoebe Collins in her powder shoot.

For the last two years, Phoebe studied full-time dance at the Melbourne City Ballet. She learned classical dance including extensive pointe training and performed in shows including Cinderella and The Nutcracker. Prior to full-time learning, she completed the Youth Program at Melbourne City Ballet.

“In The Nutcracker, I was the Arabian Princess, so that role involved contortion mixed with classical dance…right up my alley!” Phoebe smiled.

Yet, Classical dance is not what best describes Phoebe. She adores the styles of commercial and contemporary too.

“I wanted to branch out because I enjoy commercial dance too!”

Her foundational training started with Radar Technique by world-renowned coach Rebecca Davies. Rebecca saw something special in Phoebe, offering her to assist in workshops overseas. Phoebe was lucky enough to travel to South Africa in 2017, as well as the United Kingdom in 2015.

In flight. Diva Dance Photography.

She was lucky enough to be accepted into Marko Panzic’s Dream Creation 2018 performance as part of The Dream Company. Phoebe surpassed more than 250 auditionees to make the cut in Panzic’s Sydney show.

“I couldn’t even deal that I got into Dream Creative!” Phoebe gasped.

Phoebe took part in Loredo Malcolm’s LOcREaDO Melbourne 2 program, where she discovered her contemporary flair from the Top 10 SYTYCD finalist.

“I love contemporary, it is one of my favourite styles and his style is so different to anyone else so it is great to do,” she said.

Diva Dance Photography.

The reason why Phoebe is so successful is mostly that of her talent, flexibility and her mindset. She consistently appears in Melbourne’s Scimm Dance Company marketing collateral as an unofficial ambassador, posing in ultra-flexible positions.

“I am very flexible but the biggest challenge for me has been my strength. I have really had to work hard on my strength by doing 10 solid hours a week on training and conditioning, plus working with a physiotherapist to make sure I am on the right track,” Phoebe said.

Ice Queen. Diva Dance Photography.

Phoebe works hard to ensure her technique is up to scratch, but she believes it is more than just talent to be successful in the industry.

“Dance itself is something to overcome…you have to be extremely tough because the level of support from the industry only goes up to a certain extent. You have to block out all the negative vibes and always push yourself out of your comfort zone,” told Phoebe.

She also believes personality has a lot to do with a person’s success in dance.

“Personality is a big thing! Dancing is what you do to work hard, but personality wise you have to be willing to talk to people, be supportive of other dancers, and remain humble and kind.”

Phoebe Collins. Diva Dance Photography.

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