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Astara Jackson: Ambassador of Persistence

Astara Jackson: Ambassador of Persistence

Astara Jackson, 12, has proven that persistence is vital to becoming successful in the dance industry after the recent announcement of her ambassadorship with Dance Writer. This year alone she has received several ambassadorships for multiple dance companies, elected performance captain in her first year of high school and is a pivotal member of her dance studio competition troupe. 

Astara Jackson’s name is huge on social media. Boasting more than 3,800 followers and representing three dance brands this year including a bow company Jastcreations, dancewear stockist KandyKissDance and Dance Writer Australia, Astara is rapidly making a name for herself in the dance realm. Her mother Alicia runs her Instagram page, who helps to promote her daughter in becoming a role model for the performance industry.

Astara and other Dance Writer ambassadors Lani and Steph. Photography: Diva Dance.

“When the competitions came up to become an ambassador for these two companies, I thought how cool it would be to represent them. So we applied and I was chosen!” Astara said.

Astara journey began at four-years-old where she discovered her love of movement in cheerleading. The next year, she enrolled in dance classes. After training at Ministry of Dance, she currently trains at her dance studio Dream Academy in Tullamarine three times a week in many styles and is a pivotal member of the competitive ‘Dream Team’ troupe.

Dance Writer accepted Astara based on her drive and enthusiasm as a dancer and person.

“I felt super pumped when I became a Dance Writer ambassador!” Astara smiled.

“I think I would be a great role model as I love to dance and everything that has to do with dance. I love being positive and like to help dancers feel good.”

Astara at her ambassador photoshoot for Dance Writer. Photography: Diva Dance.

Astara has been a victim of bullying in the past, as like many other thriving teenagers. But it has not shaken her confidence. Astara has never been more motivated to achieve her dancing goals and help inspire others to find their own roads to success.

“Being bullied is not a good feeling!” Astara admitted. “I think a little encouragement and some positive words to other dancers and people could make the dance world a great place.”

She hopes to demonstrate to others that they can achieve anything they want even if it seems impossible in the beginning.

“You need to have a positive attitude and you need to keep trying. Don’t give up because one day something wonderful might happen.”

Astara and her fellow ambassadors having a laugh and cuddle. Photo: Diva Dance Photography.

Astara has certainly had a big year this year. Already in her first year of high school, she made a name for herself by being elected as Performance captain. Alongside her leadership role, Astara has featured in her school production of Bring It On as an acrobatic cheerleader. Astara’s acceptance to perform in the State School Spectacular as well as being in the aerobics team are added bonus credits to her name. During competition season this year, she has performed incredibly well in her solos and troupes, plus placing second in the Most Photogenic category at Starpower competition. While Astara is hammering away at her extra-curricular activities, she still has time to excel in her academics.

Astara mid-flight in her jete. Photography: Diva Dance.

The result of Astara’s success has also stemmed from the hard work the coaches at Dream Academy put in. Her teacher Lauren Jebramek has pushed her to be at the level of many other strong and flexible dancers her age.

“Lauren taught me my first ever solo and challenged me to learn things I never thought I could do. Lauren encourages me to try new things every week and inspires me all the time,” said Astara.

Astara is considered the epitome of being patient and persistent. She and her mother have worked hard to excel in a tough industry, but if she continues on the trajectory she is on at the moment, Astara will be tasting a sweet professional career in dance.

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