Ambassador Brooke Humphreys: ‘Trust your ability’

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Ambassador Brooke Humphreys: ‘Trust your ability’

Dance Writer 2018 Ambassador Brooke Humphreys 13, has become one of Melbourne’s most ambitious and talented dancers by simply trusting her own dancing abilities.

She was selected as an Ambassador for Dance Writer in January 2018 for her humble nature and exceptional dancing talent. Brooke said she is excited to inspire other budding dancers.

I feel honored to be selected to be a Dance Writer Ambassador. I love participating in dance events to help raise money for wonderful causes and I feel lucky to be part of such a positive, supportive and fun new dance community!”


One day, I hope to be an inspiration to younger dancers and I think being a Dance Writer Ambassador will help me achieve this goal. I enjoy promoting Dance Writer through my social media and by talking about Dance Writer to all my dance friends!” said Brooke.

Brooke Humphreys. CVI Calisthenics. Photo by WinkiPoP Media.

Brooke’s earliest memory was dancing and singing dressed as a teddy bear at the age of four as part of Kristar Calisthenics College. Her. At six, she started Classical ballet at Ringwood Ballet Group. She continued with Calisthenics for 11 years and successfully auditioned for the Victorian State Team in 2013 and 2014, alongside being the winner of the 9 and 10-year-old Victorian Championships. Last year, Brooke decided to retire from Calisthenics to focus on dance. She now trains under renowned dance and Calisthenics coach Brooke Synnott at Theatrix Dance Centre multiple times a week, working hard on her dance technique, performance solos, and elite squad to prepare for competitions and events throughout the year.

It is no surprise Brooke has exceeded her own expectations at competitions, winning many of her solos at events including Jump Dance Challenge (where she was given a Judge’s award with an invitation to compete in the Judge’s Championship at the State Championships in December), Energy, Follow Your Dreams Nationals, Royal South Street (trio) and others. Her success is mostly due to her work ethic, focusing on her mental preparation to perform on stage and to be the best version of herself.

My biggest challenge during my dance journey so far has been going through a stage of being really nervous during solo competitions when I was 12-years-old. I was putting myself under so much pressure and this affected my performance,” Brooke said.

Looking back now, I feel I didn’t need to be so hard on myself, as enjoying performing is more important than the results! Luckily I was able to overcome that fear of nerves quickly by trusting myself and my ability as a dancer.”

Diva Dance Photography.

These past two years have been Brooke’s most successful. She was offered a Performing Arts Scholarship in Year 7 and is currently the Performing Arts Captain this year. She’s also been working hard on developing her core strength and flexibility by applying herself to weekly stretch and conditioning classes and various extension programs. Brooke was selected to join Rebecca Davies’s Architect Squadron last year, improving her technique tremendously.

Architect Squadron has helped me improve my turns and jumps so much and is also lots of fun!”

This year Brooke was also accepted into Alchemy Dance Company, where she is enjoying the challenge of working with many talented dancers and choreographers.

Brooke will be performing a Classical solo at Dance Writer’s charity gala proudly supporting National Breast Cancer Foundation on August 4, 2018, at Gasworks Theatre.