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April 2018

Afro Flow Yoga® is not just another wellness trend. Pilin Anice, who has been teaching this unique class since 2011, knows exactly what she is doing as she invites a good 40 New Yorkers to breathe and move to the live drums, vocals, and flute in the sunny studio at Alvin Ailey.

Dance bags are packed with leotards, shoes and spotless new tights, costume bags are hanging at the front door, music is triple-checked and a couple of props are safely stowed in the boot of my car. With her gorgeous wavy hair restrained in an immaculate ballet bun, and stage makeup carefully applied, my daughter is ready for her first dance of our incredibly busy weekend at Follow Your Dreams regional competition.

Award-winning choreographer and filmmaker Corey Baker chose Royal New Zealand Ballet dancer Madeleine Graham to be the dancer of his film, 'Antarctica: The First Dance' to raise awareness of Climate Change. Dance Writer speaks to Aussie-born Madeleine about her achievement of smashing multiple world records in Antarctica. 

By celebrating International Dance Day on April 29th alongside The Greatest Showman DVD & Blu-ray™ release on May 2nd, Prince Constantine aka ‘The Tattooed Man’ played by Shannon Holtzapffel offers a step-by-step tutorial of the choreography seen in the film.

Are you an Australian dancer living day to day not knowing when your next gig will be? Are you spending your rent on headshots and showreels? Are you sick of the title ‘unemployed’? Founder of Created Media and Dance Immersive Down Under, as well as Nine presenter of Open Homes Australia Bessie Kay, reveals a marketing solution to these problems. 

If you like anything steamy and sticky, mixed with a dash of seductive sweat, you will love UNDRGRND. If you are a festival-goer or perhaps a party animal, you will love UNDRGRND.

My daughters sashayed into their new dance studio, giggling and wide-eyed, excited to begin their new adventure. I followed, nervous smile fixed in place, uncomfortable and completely out of my depth. Visions of pointe shoes, tiaras and sparkly costumes filled my head. What is this world we’re about to enter?