The Tasmanian Dancesport Championships paraded all the best talent from both local and interstate dance couples. The turn-out was commending to Andrew Palmer, who put on a spectacular event hosted by his wife and TV anchor Jo Palmer.  I do not perform at the Championships, but I sit on watching my comrades at the evening session. There is something special in spectating. Not only do you learn from other dancers performing at their best, but you enter a realm of self-realisation during the process. This does not happen every time you watch a dancer perform. But, this particular championship inspired me in a big way. So what did I realise about my own dancing? What can you learn from my observations? Dance has my heart A cord strikes with me as soon as I walk through the stage door. I hear the latin music reverberate off the arena walls. My heart gathers momentum and my feet walk in tune with the beat.  Dance will always be a part of my life. I love it far too much to ever give it up. I sit at the table and cannot help feeling restricted and shackled, while I watch dancers smile and enjoy their moment on the competition floor. I keep thinking, ‘I wish I was up there.’ The more I watch, the more my heart aches. But, there is some good to come out of this. Inspiration can lead anywhere Inspiration as of late, has been dry. I moved states and gave up my dance partner. I was worried that I would feel even more disheartened about my dance situation. But it is quite the opposite. I quickly discover I have the world at my feet, literally. Part of my realisation is that we have the ability to create any dance path we want. There is a single moment where ideas flow in your head and you believe you can conquer the world. My creative juices are flowing in bundles at this point. I mentally jot notes of ways to improve my dancing, be it technique or execution. I have a sudden awareness of how I can expand my dance outlet. When these creative pathways enter your mind, you must grab them with both hands and hold onto them tightly. These are the money-making ideas; the boundless planes in which you are free to leap. Visual learning unleashes capability  Watching other dancers is a tool often underestimated. The power of watching is just as strong as physically dancing. However, one should never be replaced for the other. They work in partnership, like ballroom dancing itself. Visual learning can simply heighten your mental capability to improve technique. You notice the dancer’s footwork, charisma on the floor, presentation and their execution of choreography. When you look at the competition, you think, ‘I can do that,’ and a little spark in you shoots up. Suddenly, there is motivation to achieve something higher than you previously thought. And, it clicks like a coming-together of a jig-saw puzzle.  All it takes is a lot of self-believing and the fiery motivation feeling in the gut. No one else can believe in you more than you. Dancers are special  To be a part of a dancing championship is something not to be taken for granted. Dancers are unique. We have drive, passion, dedication and a strong competitive edge. We are bursting with creativity and take criticism as positive feedback. We humbly accept defeat when necessary and embrace fellowship throughout. A win deserves a beer, and a loss deserves two beers. We appreciate the value of life and put our passion first. We may not be the best verbal communicators, but we sure can express ourselves through movement and physical connection. So next time you watch a dancer, think how can I learn from this?

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