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The Dream Academy’s studio scholarship winner for 2017 Alexandra Eastwood-Gerula has been announced as the third official ambassador for Dance Writer.

Alexandra comes from Victoria’s western suburbs where she dances at The Dream Academy (Williamstown). She has been dancing since the age of three years old, but only really found her strong passion for performing in 2015. Her passion has certainly shone in such a short amount of time where she won the 2017 studio scholarship for her excellent attitude, work ethic and skill. Alex competes both as a soloist and in troupes and has taken part in many workshops including most recently the first Melbourne Act Now Speak Later event.

Alexandra along with three other ambassadors Bella, Ayshia-Mila and Sankara.

Alex prides herself on being a team player, but now scoring a recent ambassadorship with Dance Writer, she also strives to be recognised on her own terms as a dancer.

“Being a Dance Writer ambassador can bring wonderful opportunities. It also gives me the platform to inspire others! It is a major step to being a dancer.”

Her maturity is part of the reason why she is such a star student. For a 12-year-old, her outlook on dance is exceptionally modest. She believes dance is an inviting experience, not a competitive one.

“Dancing is for everyone,” she said smiling. “It brings people together.”

“Dance expresses my emotions in a different way,” Alex added.

Alex is predominantly known as an acrobatic and contemporary dancer. She prides herself on her ability to learn new choreography quickly and taking direction. With more persistent training on her technique and craft, she hopes her love for dance can transpire into a professional career. Alex aims to use her creative side and venture into choreography and teaching after her dancing career.

Off the dance floor, Alex is also a born leader at school. During her primary education, she represented the junior school body by being on the student council. It seems she is well-respected among her dance peers too for her heartwarming encouragement. “Our team has a very strong bond,” she says of her competition teams. “We are all best friends.”

“We all understand one another because we all have similar dreams and aspirations—we all support each other which is really nice,” Alex said.

Alexandra and her best friends all ambassadors for Dance Writer.

Her coach Tayla Blake has been very supportive of Alex throughout her dance journey.

“Tayla pushes me to be the best performer I can be and I’ve done things I never thought I could!”

“It’s hard work but it’s definitely worth it!”

Coach Tayla said she admires Alex for her maturity and support for others.

“Alex holds herself like someone well beyond her years. I forget sometimes that she is only 12!” Tayla laughed.

“She works with tunnel vision; she’s driven and knows exactly what she wants to achieve. Mixed with the way she unwaveringly supports her team mates and friends, it’s an uncommon but beautiful mix,” Tayla said.

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