Former professional dancer Zac Jones has combined his research of dance, Pilates, martial arts and somatic therapy to create a new conditioning approach using bands to suspend the body. 

BandTherapy is a recently conceived conditioning approach specifically targeted at dancers and martial artists with the aim of preventing injury. The formula is designed to give muscles a release while still being able to perform effectively. 

The purpose of the BandTherapy approach is to allow the body to experience a similar feeling of buoyancy as it would in water,” said founder Zac Jones. 

“This has the effect of decompressing muscular tension in the body and allowing movements to literally float.” 

Founder Zac Jones completed extensive research surrounding the concepts of human movement while gaining a Masters qualification at VCA in Fine Arts majoring in Choreography. Zac trained full time at the Australian Ballet School to become a professional classical and contemporary dancer in the industry. He had a substantial career with the Queensland Ballet and Expressions Dance Company, toward the end of his career, he felt he could never reach a certain point of technical excellence. 

He decided to semi-retire from professional dance to discover new passions such as Pilates and martial arts. He reached a second-degree black belt in Yoshinkan Aikido as well as studying Tai Chi and Kung Fu. To his surprise, he discovered alternative methods to achieving technical excellence by fusing basic techniques from his passions. 

Zac found that when dancers tense their muscles during movement, it is predominantly superficial. That kind of tension blocks the body from moving with its original intention. Zac realised that if he discovered a way for the human body to release any unnecessary tension, then he could move as freely as he wished while not exerting all his energy. 

The realisation I have had from training intensively at a high level is that this devotion to perfecting a particular skill needs to be equally balanced by experiential knowledge and understanding of your body prior to technique.  This allows you to put ‘the feel before the ideal’ and find a way into technique that is safe and appropriate for your own body,” explained Zac. 

The method behind BandTherapy is quite simple. He adopts an anti-gravity suspension system that uses extension bands grasped to each joint to help completely suspend and relax the limbs. Each band connection can then be easily manipulated by Zac’s gentle movements (like a puppet master) to release tension. The relaxation process is generally done on a Pilates table or is used on a door if doing a range of motion movements. The general consensus after being suspended is that the body looks and feels accurately placed, and can perform movements with greater ease. 

Zac’s passion for helping people recover from injury has created many success stories, particularly with those who have suffered from injury. He stresses that everyone already has the tools to create breakthroughs. 

Once the feeling of floating is added and the body feels safe, it naturally becomes innovative and finds new possibilities,” said Zac.  

“I am really passionate about innovating new possibilities for pain-free movement. The change to how a dancer approaches their art when they have the knowledge of how to excel without hurting themselves is something I would love more dancers to know!”

If you do not have the time to come into the city for your training session with Zac, he also offers a home training program where you can attach the suspension system to your door. To find out more go to

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