If you are an American or Canadian resident and absolutely obsessed with dance, well guess what! The Dance Academy movie is coming to a cinema near you on March 2, 2018.

Dance Academy is a hit-tv series featuring an all-Australian cast. The show ended five years ago with only three seasons and fans were left wondering if the lead Tara Webster would ever dance again after a crippling back injury.  Aussie fans let out a sigh of relief when the movie was released as they could now see what happened to Tara. 

Now a year later, US and Canadian audiences get to indulge in the hype and watch the movie on the big screen. 

Dance Academy: The Comeback directed by Jeffrey Walker continues the story of Tara Webster and her devastating back injury.  In order to achieve her dream of being a professional dancer, Tara packs up her life and travels to New York City. Tara crumbles emotionally as she faces countless rejections from the dance industry.  Has she got what it takes to be a professional dancer after being away from dance for a year-and-a-half?

Dance Writer chats exclusively to one of the Aussie leads in the film playing the role of Abigail, Dena Kaplan.

Dena Kaplan. Photo: supplied.

1. Congratulations Dena on such a successful career so far! How has Dance Academy changed your life?

Thank you so much! Dance Academy has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. It gave me so many opportunities to work with people I admired in both film and dance. But most of all, the relationships I formed were life-changing. The cast and I have remained best friends and they’re some of the greatest people I have ever met.

2.  You’ve played Abigail for a while now, how is she similar to you and how is she different? What was the process like at the beginning creating her character? How has Abigail evolved?

Abigail and I are both ambitious, driven, hard workers who love dancing more than anything. However we are very different people, she is a closed book and I am very open. She doesn’t have many people she connects with and is very quick to judge, I try to be the opposite to that. But we are both vulnerable and loyal.

Dena Kaplan. Photo supplied by Matthew Reyes.

3. The Dance Academy Movie is coming to screens in the US and Canada. When is it to arrive in cinemas?

It will be out in cinemas in one week! Keep up to date on my social feeds to hear more! @denaamy

4. How are the fans over there in the States compared to Australia? Are they super excited to get onboard the Dance Academy train?

For sure, I think dance is very universal so our show connects with people from all over the world.

Dena Kaplan, DJ. Photo supplied.

5.  You are also a wicked DJ playing at huge festivals such as Beyond The Valley and FOMO. How did you initially get into it? What are the vibes like when you are up on that stage?

I am actually self-taught. I started DJ-ing in my bedroom while I was shooting Dance Academy. I now produce, sing and create my own music while touring the world playing festivals! I am very lucky.

6. What is on the cards for you currently? Where are you based? What are you working on can you reveal?

I am currently based in LA working on some exciting new projects. I have some new music coming out soon and I can’t wait for the upcoming release of the film in cinemas here, as well as being reunited with my beautiful cast mates.

Thank you, Dena! See Trailer for Dance Academy Movie below. 

Dance Academy: The Comeback will hit the following cinemas early March: Los Angeles, CA: AMC Citywalk 19 in Universal City Dallas, TX: Mesquite 30 Houston, TX: Gulf Pointe 30 Orlando, FL: Universal Cineplex 20 Detroit, MI: AMC Star Southfield 20 Minneapolis, MN: Emagine White Bear 21 Miami, FL: AMC Aventura Mall 24 Phoenix, AZ: Deer Valley 17 Philadelphia, PA: Philadelphia Mills Mall 14 Tampa, FL: Veterans Expressway 24 Toronto, ON: Carlton Cinema

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