Diva Dance Photography ambassador and star performer Siena Uremovic may only be 15 years young, but her talent and confidence are far beyond the scope of her age.

The TDC (The Dance Company) performer has many titles and credits to her name. Siena performed alongside Justice Crew when she was living in Perth and also guest starred on various shows almost every month until she relocated to Melbourne. From there, Siena went on to win countless dance championships across multiple elite sections, was crowned Miss Teen at KAR in 2016, and was recently named Hollywood Bound Senior Dancer of the Year 2018.

Diva Dance Couture shoot with ambassador Siena. Photo: supplied.

Siena does not only dance on stage, but she also acts in front of the camera. She has starred in Paper Planes, Little Lunch, and an American TV series Childhood’s End.

Even though her success has leaped off her resume, she shares her ideology for keeping humble and focused. The values most close to her are having the confidence go all the way, remaining honest and keeping a positive mindset.

“You have got to believe in yourself first, and then you will get there,” Siena told Dance Writer.

“You must be honest with yourself,” she added.

Siena captured by Leah doing a stag handstand. Photo: supplied.

More than 39,000 followers on Instagram follow Siena’s dancing journey. Her public account is a space where she can act as a role model for other dancers and represent the companies who endorse her. Siena believes social media can be a tool for learning dance moves.

“Keep trying things at home, look on social media and take it as an experience to learn with everyone else,” said Siena.

Major dance businesses including Inspire Dancewear, KAR, and Diva Dance Photography have snatched up Siena to be their ambassador. Leah Hoffman from Diva Dance offered Siena an ambassadorship among several others who have talent and maturity beyond what is expected at their age.

“I love the other ambassadors, we get along so well!” Siena laughed.

On location shoot.

Siena’s photoshoots with Diva Dance Photography always have an acrobatic flair to them. Siena shows particularly strong upper and lower body strength, which is why all of her dancing friends call her THOR.

“Having strength is just as important as being flexible,” said Siena.

She believes dance is not about identifying strengths and weaknesses, but rather about showcasing the great qualities while working hard for the other qualities to turn into strengths.

“Some things take a little longer to perfect, so I don’t say I have a weakness; it is all about being a well-rounded dancer,” Siena smiled.

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