Having second thoughts about dance next year? Snap out of it! Keep reading to find out why you might be making a grave mistake.

With all the shouting and disciplinary instruction being thrown at you, why would you want to keep dancing? Despite all the information being shoved down your throat, when you finally cut the cord, you may regret it and feel empty inside.

Those memories of twirling through ballet class.
Those memories of twirling through ballet class.

We have all had a doubt in our minds at some point. Is dancing for me? Should I start focusing on my career? My dancing is not as good as ‘hers’ so why bother? That is exactly the mindset that made me quit…and I wish I hadn’t.

When you succumb to that point of quitting the sport you have done since a little chap, there is a stigma in your brain that makes you feel…lazy, unworthy, motionless, a procrastinating god perhaps? Whatever your lack of motivation, it can always be reinvented with dance.

‘But, I don’t love it anymore!’ says an anonymous teenager searching for her identity after leaving school. That is totally fine. Not everyone can love all things. But, before you wipe away that dancing fever, allow your brain to mentally scroll through your own dancing history and ask, ‘Am I being too hard on myself?’ Sometimes a passion dies, and that is okay. A new one generally takes its place. (Sounding a lot like relationships, but moving on…) Whatever your new passion may be, can always be incorporated with some sort of dance. I like to classify most types of movement as some strand of dance. For example, fitness, yoga, Pilates, ballroom and Latin American dancing, salsa, abstract movement classes can all fly under the dancing wing. 

Revisit your dance journey before quitting.
Revisit your dance journey before quitting.

I know this, because I cut that dancing cord too early. I was accepted to all the major full time dance courses in Melbourne. I was also lucky enough to be accepted into interstate and international accredited dance courses. I said no for a few reasons. I had the belief, ‘dance will leave you with nothing but bills you cannot pay and a shitty car, but at least you are fulfilling your passion, right?’ I thought I would take the educational road and go to university to study books and journalism. 

It took me a little while to miss dance. But when that wave had hit, I suddenly found myself drowning in regret. It is mildly difficult seeing many wonderful dancers performing on the stage and know that I missed my opportunity to do that. BUT! Then I also think, well I am still immersed in dancing on some level as a dance teacher, a blogger and columnist. I have managed to sneak my way back into the dance world…HURRAH!

But, this is not about me, it is about you and your wild-running emotions. If you are seriously thinking about moving on from dance, my advice is to sleep on the idea for at least a month or two before you make a final decision. Have a crack at cutting dance out of your life for a few weeks and see how that sits with you. Think about what you are actually giving up: flexibility, stamina, strength, motivation, dedication, discipline, friendship, performing, fake tan, fake eyelashes, hairspray (okay, some of the last things we are happy to give up). So if you are a dancer from a young age looking for something new to enter your life, venture through the memories you have made on your dance journey and remember how happy it made you feel. Now I got you reminiscing, enjoy!

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