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Boss Dance Company performing the hip-hop saga, flashing their Boss t-shirts. Belinda Strodder-Photography.
Boss Dance Company presents ALPHA Gasworks Arts Park, Albert Park. Friday 16th October to Saturday 17th October, 8PM. Alpha takes to the stage fierce, hard-hitting hip hop fused with lyrical contemporary in a wolf-pack style company. Director and choreographer, Jordan Herbert is Alpha, a ferocious and visionary interpreter, sending conquering messages of love and a sense of belonging out to the world. It is clear the dancers are speaking up about the lack of support and ‘homeliness’ from Melbourne’s dance scene, and now, this innovative baby company can home some of the best talent.
1I5A6839 - Showcase 2015 - Divertissement - Photo by Sergey Konstantinov The Australian Ballet Showcase 2015 Arts Centre, Melbourne: 18th September, 2015. The Australian Ballet School showcased their talent at the Arts Centre in Melbourne last Sunday evening. From the awe-inspiring ballet spectacle to the damp, confronting tales of lyrical contemporary, this performance levelled the professional scale. With a male dominated cast, the dynamics of the arrangements were a thrill to watch.
  ‘Making it’ as a professional dancer is hard. Not only do you have to be talented, but your passion for dance has to exceed beyond all other things. Sacrifices must be made, along with the sweat and tears. But what every professional dancer has in common, is the ability to work harder than they did before, due to all the pressures they face from criticism and rejection.

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